Simplify your recruitment decisions

Reduce job portal dependency, uncover hidden gems in existing pool

Reduce your hiring cycle time, delight your business stakeholders

Improve quality of hire, find the right person for the right job

Find relevant matches to revised JDs in a click of a button.

Hassled with the changes in requirements from the hiring manager? Worry, no more. With HIREalchemy, all you must do is make the edits in position requirements and click refresh. You will see a new set of profiles that are relevant matches to your new requirement.

Save time. Auto-source from job portals.

Using advanced AI algorithms, the platform reads and analyzes structured and unstructured data in job descriptions and resumes to bring up the most relevant resume matches to requirements. It makes posting jobs on job portals fast and easy thereby enhancing the sourcing experience.

Find the best from scored and ranked profiles.

The talent acquisition platform scores and stack ranks profiles in order of relevance by eliminating any subjectivity. It also adheres to business rules making shortlisting simpler.

Get pipeline insight at a glance.

Are you finding it hard to keep track of the status of your requirement pipeline? HIREalchemy provides a comprehensive view of the status of all requirements tagged to the recruiter.

Enhance the candidate experience on Career site.

With a sharp focus on user-experience, the recruitment software makes resume upload smooth and easy thereby reducing candidate drop-outs. It helps improve stickiness by providing intelligent job matches to candidates’ resume and skills.

Access real time insights to enhance talent acquisition decisions

The platform offers analytics dashboards and visualizations to help you make fact-based, data-driven talent acquisition decisions. It provides actionable insights to help you prioritize on positions that are critical.