Talent Acquisition

HIREalchemy will enable the search, rank and recruitment of talent with intelligence and ease

Is your HR function grappling with these challenges?

High dependency and low ROI from job portals and agencies

Traditional method of search & recruit

Ensuring the right person is in the right job

High resource allocation time and cost

We figured what’s on your wishlist:

What if you could…?


An intelligent tool that mimics a domain expert to analyze JDs and resumes


Run aggregated automated searches from multiple sources


Stack rank resumes for that perfect fit


Recruit the best talent in a fraction of a second


Bid goodbye to ‘resume banking’


Say hello to just-in-time hiring



Our product for all your Talent Acquisition needs

  • 300% increase in portal utilization through Auto-Sourcing
  • 58% reduction in time taken to shortlist candidates
  • 28% conversion rate from recommendation to actual joinees
  • 51% reduction in allocation features


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Count on us for…

Autosource the right fit

We thrive on talent economics. We give you before-time and just- in-time analyses of job requirements to people fitment. In other words, we proactively analyze and allocate your organization's virtual and available pool – or source externally. Tell us your demand and we have the supply fulfilment ready!

Create sharp JDs

We make sure Job Description (JD) writing no longer needs to be an art. Our data science engine helps you create sharp JDs on the fly. All you need to give us is 3 skills and 1 job title - and the intelligence of our platform does the rest - by studying over 2.2 million JDs using advanced NLP algorithms.

Search & match your perfect fit

Goodbye manual collecting, managing and sifting through resumes. Put in your job requirement and choose the source you want to hire from. From here our advanced semantic analysis and NLP algorithms take over to throw up accurate resume matches that fit your requirements. Throw in your business rules, get closer to perfection!

Score and stack rank like a pro

Imagine pre- screened, stack ranked resumes for an allocation-ready workforce! The intelligence we provide is built on the back of over 19 million profiles – so you get a rank order of relevant skills based on details in the resume, project description, years of experience in that skill category, education, courses taken and more.

Get social to know more

We know how frustrating sparse information in the online resume can be while assessing candidate profiles. Try our social search to see how our tool is designed to give you a more rounded view of candidate profiles using their social footprints. Get insights into candidates’ personal and professional interests, leadership qualities, personality traits and more.