Workforce  Optimization

Our solution forms the intelligence layer atop HR systems and empowers you in future-focused organisation building

Is your HR function weighed down by these challenges:

Steep resource allocation time


High risk of mismatched candidates

Underutilization of workforce

No visibility into career progression

We figured what’s on your wishlist:


Deliver savings on talent cost and time


Develop talent to meet career goals and aspirations


Provide ready to deploy talent to business


Identify skills gaps and upskill/ reskill


Forecast future demand-supply needs in high-growth environments

Internal Workforce Optimization


Our solution powered by data science and AI helps transform your workforce

  • 4 times increase in internal supply visibility
  • 36% increase in allocation via hiring manager
  • 58% reduction in demand cancellation
  • 100% profile coverage

Count on us for…

Talent allocation made effortless

Our data science engine helps you create JDs on the fly. All you need to give us is 3 skills and 1 job title! With this input alone you can have a sharp JD ready in a few seconds – making your talent allocation fast and easy. Our repository of over 2 million JDs across industries and jobs will show you related skills and curated JD options to choose from.

Profile analysis

Our weighted search and match algorithm does thorough parsing of resumes in the pool to provide a 360 view of the candidate profile and highlight relevant skills as per the requirements listed in the JD. Using its intelligence built on the back of over 19 million profiles, the platform provides a rank order of relevant skills in the profile based on details in the resume, project description, years of experience in that skill category, education and courses taken and more.

Upskill and reskill

Using advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, we identify the skill gap and chalk out Intelligent Learning Paths (iLP) that enable your employees to pursue their preferred career path via upskilling and reskilling. Our algorithm analyzes course synopsis, reviews and ratings, sentiment analysis, etc. to recommend the most appropriate courses, books, and training programs.

Right person for the right job

With advanced semantic analysis and Natural Language Processing algorithms, our platform analyzes structured and unstructured data in resumes and throws up accurate resumes to match your requirements. Using contextual analysis, built from analyzing over 50000 JDs and 750000 resumes monthly, we help you match the right person for the right job in seconds!

Analytics made easy

Analytics is part of all our modules. Our core data science business takes it up a notch to give you the power of Decision Insights. We spend time with you to determine lead indicators for your talent organization.