EdgeNetworksExpert Speak DevOps Engineer, Byomakesh Maharana, talks about why he pursued a career in HR Tech | EdGE Networks

DevOps Engineer, Byomakesh Maharana, talks about why he pursued a career in HR Tech | EdGE Networks

Q1) What urged you to join EdGE Networks and pursue a career in HR Tech?  

AnsConsidering that I did not pursue a degree in Software Development and Engineering, I started off at EdGE Networks as a Data Science intern. With constant mentorship and guidance, I’ve been able to harness a talent that I thought didn’t exist. The HR Tech space is constantly evolving and I’m continuously learning, which makes for a great career booster.  


Q2) What were some of the biggest obstacles you had to overcome while working in the DevOps teams?  


  • The steep learning-curve  

I started as an intern and my majors were not in computer science. About over a year later I know that this is what I want to pursue as a career. What transpired is not easy to unpack in just a few lines. 

This not only includes the technical proficiency, but to work in a professional environment whilst exercising the soft skills required in to deliver with quality. 


  • Stepping up 

A lot of work gets done on a daily basis and there is always work to do. The nature of work is such that you may have to face and respond to the most unp events that could occur. Learning how and when to step up to the need of the hour is a skill you develop over time. 

Amidst all this, gaining acceptance is a challenge with other teams due to a lack of credibility. Although this is not unreasonable, what helps is that I have rarely faced this within the team. 


Q3) What excites you the most about your work? (talk about the tech and stacks). 

AnsThere is an urge and encouragement internally, to improve the state of things. This is exciting, at least for someone like me who is starting his career in this field. This keeps me passionately driven. Not only do I get to witness the evolution of the technology first hand, I also get to participate and contribute towards it. The types of technologies and stacks we employ matters the least, in comparison to the opportunity to build and engineer robust and efficient systems.   


Byomakesh Maharana
DevOps Engineer
EdGE Networks 

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