EdgeNetworksExpert Speak Senior Software Engineer, Ashwin Kumar, talks about why he decided to join EdGE Networks | HR Tech

Senior Software Engineer, Ashwin Kumar, talks about why he decided to join EdGE Networks | HR Tech


Q1) What prompted you to join EdGE Networks and pursue your career in Application Development with the organisation? 

Ans) As a fresher, when I was looking out for my first job, I wanted to make sure that I joined an organisation that focused on building good product by utilising some of the latest technologies and trends in the market. This delivers value by enabling us to learn and solve daytoday problem statements. After understanding the tech being used in EdGE Networks, I had made up my mind. 


Q2) What excites you most about your work? What technologies do you get to use on a regular basis? 

Ans) The User Experience (UX) has always been my priority, even though it isn’t in my job description. But I always keep an eye on the interface and its degrees of satisfaction when building an application. And at EdGE, they encourage us to think out of the box and be the best at what we do 

Some of the technologies we use daily includes Python, Vuejs, ElasticSearch and Mongodb. 


Q3) What are some of the challenges that you face on a regular basis? 

Ans) The major challenges we face mostly surrounds the task from taking the user to the endresult at a lightning speed, awell as automating some of the manual to reduce the overall workload for a user  


Q4) How does your work differ whilst handling multiple clients from diverse industries? (Talk about the clients and their industry requirements) 

Ans) Most of our clients are from the Banking and IT/ITeS industry. To a large extent, the problem statement is usually the same. However, the approach differs. So, we made sure that we built a solution in a generalised fashion so that both industries can take complete advantage of the platform and achieve their goals. 


Ashwin Kumar
Team Lead – Application Development Team
EdGE Networks.

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