EdgeNetworksExpert Speak Data Engineer, Roshan Zameer, talks about why he enjoys working at EdGE Networks | HR Tech

Data Engineer, Roshan Zameer, talks about why he enjoys working at EdGE Networks | HR Tech

1) What inspired you to join EdGE Networks and dabble in the HR Tech space? 

Ans) What impressed me the most about EdGE Networks is the type of technologies employed, as well as in the line of work, which is HR Tech. It was only during the interview process that I was able to deduce the challenges in the HR Tech space and thoroughly understand the scale of work. With its range of AI-Data Science capabilities, I was inspired to join the team at EdGE. 


2) During your time here in EdGE Networks, what differences do you notice in the type of work compared to your previous employer? 

Ans) I feel a great sense of personal ownership, regarding the work I do here at EdGE Networks. I also like that the company has a flexible work schedule in place, and that an employee’s performance is gauged by the quality of work produced, and not merely on the duration of working hours. And I was longing for this form of ownership and fast-paced work at my previous site of employment. 


3) As a speaker and budding industry thought-leader, what are the latest trends and techniques you have observed, and what all are you applying in your current project with EdGE Networks? 

Ans) A trend that I have observed over the last few years in the sheer number of businesses that are opting for the Cloud First approach and steering clear of archaic monolithic designs by incorporating microservices. At EdGE Networks, I’m building a distributed Data Pipeline to store, clean, process and transform the data in order to deploy the Machine Learning models on a Cloud. Some of the technologies I work with are Python, Apache Airflow, Apache Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, Apache Spark and TensorFlow. 


Roshan Zameer
Data Engineer
EdGE Networks

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