EdgeNetworksIndustry News Read about how Shaurya Shubham started off his journey as a Data Scientist with EdGE Networks.

Read about how Shaurya Shubham started off his journey as a Data Scientist with EdGE Networks.

1) What made you take up the internship with EdGE Networks?  

AnsWhilst I was pursuing my undergraduate degree course, I had a sense of fondness about Natural Language Processing (NLP) and hence, wanted to expand my horizons by gaining industrial experience. And that’s when I heard about EdGE Networks, and how they were developing AI-based solutions for HR. I was intrigued and I ended up taking the internship at EdGE Networks. 


2) On joining EdGE Networks, what was the first project you were made to work upon?  

AnsAs soon as I joined the organisation, I was mainly made to work on classification problems like predicting skills, titles and the industry of a given Job Description. I also worked on the Normalization of Data from clients and other sources. 


3) Throughout the tenure of your duration here, with EdGE Networks, what was the most interesting or fascinating project that you worked on? 

Ans) One of the most interesting projects I was able to dabble in, was the building of the Talent Transformation product. Constructing it from scratch up until its deployment was truly a career-changing experience. If I was to talk about a specific feature, the automatic skill extraction from resumes was one of the biggest tasks, which segregates us from keywords that came up as skills, but which were not actually skills. This helped us build specific features and Machine Learning models. 


4) Tell us about your journey with EdGE Networks, so far. 

AnsFrom an intern to a Data Scientist, I have enhanced my skills by starting off with simple classification tasks, to building a complete product from scratch. It helped me learn about a solution that can be used in a real-life scenario, so that it is reliable and deployable. 


Shaurya Shubham
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