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Tips to Impress Your Potential Employer

Are you an aspiring job seeker? Are you looking for ways to make yourself stand out in crowd and wow your potential employer? Look no farther. Today, we will be sharing simple yet effective few tips and ideas to help you impress your potential employer and make your candidature the most attractive.

1. Apply for jobs which are relevant: Don’t be blind and apply to any and every job that comes your way. Read through the job description and make sure you fit the required or desired candidate profile before applying for the role. Check if you meet the requirements in terms of skills, experience and other factors mentioned in the JD. Blindly applying for jobs won’t do any good. Being precise and accurate positions you as a person who knows what he/she want.

2. Prepare a customized resume and cover letter: Make sure you have customized your resume to fit the job role in a meaningful way. Address the job posting authority directly in your cover letter to make it more personalized – but remain truthful at all times. Highlight the keywords, skills and strengths that match with the job requirements. This will give an impression that you have taken an effort to read through the job description and that you know what it takes to be on the role. You can also choose to be creative while creating your resume. Mind you, first impressions always have a long-lasting impact.

3. Be responsive and enthusiastic: Respond to the HR calls and mails and show your interest in the job role as well as the company. Learn about the organization and make sure you have visited the company website. Make yourself available for telephonic or online interviews. Take a day off for face-to-face rounds to attend the interviews and don’t be in a haste to get done with it.

4. Go prepared for the interview rounds: Make sure you have done your research and due diligence before going for the interview. If it is a technical round, brush up on the latest technologies and be on point with your domain knowledge. Not only should you be well versed in your subject matter but also should be aware of the company and its business. Read up about the company, its leaders and work culture, so that you are clear in your mind how you will be able to contributre.

5. Be courteous and follow-up politely after the interview: Always be professional, polite and courteous while communicating with your prospective employer. Greet everyone with courtesy and show respect to one and all when you visit their office for an interview (whether it is members of the hiring team, your future manager, assistants or security staff). Send a thank-you mail after the interview. While following-up with the recruiter, be polite and sound enthusiastic, but don’t over-do it.

So, prepare, coach yourself and be ready to smash that next interview you’ve lined up. Keep these easy tips in mind and rock it! Wishing you luck for the next great job that awaits you!

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