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List of Submissions on the Personal Data Protection Bill made to MEITY

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, which will be drafting India’s Data Protection Bill, has not made submissions public, neither those sent to the Srikrishna Committee, nor those sent as feedback on the Draft Personal Data Protection Bill.

MediaNama reached out to participants at our discussions on privacy and data protection, and asked them share their submissions with us, for making them public. Dvara Research has also compiled a list of submissions.

MediaNama will also be filing a Right to Information request, asking for MEITY to make the submissions public.

List of submissions

1. Akshara Foundation [PDF]

2. Arijit Sengupta, The PRactice [PDF]

3. Association of Corporate Cousel [PR]

4. BankBazaar [PDF]

5. Broadband India Forum [PDF]

6. BSA (The Software Alliance) [PDF]


8. Submission by researchers and activists concerned with social justice [PDF]

9. Centre for Internet and Society [PDF]

10. CUTS International [PDF]

11. Cyber Blog India [PDF]

12. Cyber Peace Foundation [PDF]

13. Cyber Security Research Centre (CSRC), Punjab Engineering College [PDF]

14. Dvara Research [PDF]

15. EdGE Networks [PDF] (text received via email)

16. Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India [PDF]

17. Prof Graham Greenleaf [PDF]

18. Ikigai Law [Link]

19. Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) [PDF]

20. Internet Democracy Project [PDF]

21. Internet Freedom Foundation / SaveOurPrivacy [PDF]

22. iSPIRT [PDF]

23. Mani Chengappa Mathur Law [PDF]

24. Mozilla [PDF]

25. NALSAR Tech Law Forum [Links: onetwothree]*

26. National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP) [PDF]

27. Observer Research Foundation [PDF]

28. Omidyar Networks [PDF]

29. Rahul Tongia, PhD [PDF]

30. Rajeev Chandrasekhar (MP) [PDF]

31. Privacy International [PDF]

32. Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) [Link]

33. Subhasis Banerjee [Link]*

34. TechUK [PDF] [source]

35. The Takshashila Institution [PDF]

36. U.S. India Strategic Partnership Forum [PDF]

37. Zoomcar [PDF]

Dvara Research had compiled a list of submissions to the Srikrisha Committee’s White Paper earlier this year. Those are available here. In case your submission is not on that list, and want us to add that here and share with Dvara Research, please mail


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