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Tips to Stay Motivated at Work

Often, we hear of organizations challenged by a severe motivation crunch at the workplace. These are the times when you lack the zeal to work, caused by a variety of reasons. Missing the necessary motivation at work may also affect working potential and efficacy – and ultimately organizational productivity. So, let’s not waste time and look at some tips to beat these motivation dips.

1. Set targets for yourself: It is very important to set your goals right and keep challenging yourself to surpass and exceed your own achievements. While setting your goals and targets remember to align them with the SMART construct – a popular acronym pointing to work that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. You can discuss your role and goals with your manager and colleagues to know what are expected of you at the organization and set your personal set of goals accordingly.

To achieve these goals, you can make a daily or weekly routine and prepare a to-do checklist. Every time you tick an activity off the list, feel the adrenaline rush in yourself and check for your motivation level too. I bet they must have shot high by now!

2. Reward yourself: Have a self-assessment system for your work. Evaluate your work yourself before getting evaluated by your manager. Set a rewarding system for yourself for accomplishing your goals. This will motivate you to hit the goals faster and with much precision.

3. Take a break: Breaks are very useful when it comes to losing the monotony or beating the motivation lag. Drink a cup or tea or coffee or simply take a stroll away from your desk, have a quick chat with your colleagues or friends, munch some fries or have a fruit. You’ll come back with a fresh dose of energy, a clear mind and motivation to work.

4. Add colour to your work-life: Psychological studies have found out that colours have a profound influence on our mood and energy. One way to drive away the motivation blues is to add more colour into your workspace. Post some colourful notes on your pin board, or pin some of your favourite pictures. Get some really quirky and jazzy stationeries for your desk. You can also try adding more colours to your wardrobe. Style yourself up. You can also add a small flower vase or a plant to adorn your desk. Already feeling the boost in energy, aren’t you?!

5. Find a recourse in your hobbies: Practicing your hobbies can be a real good stress buster. Be it reading, gardening, painting, sculpting, traveling, blogging, dancing to the tunes. Listening to music or whatsoever. Spend some time on your hobbies, get yourself out of the stress and worries. Get ready to fill the motivation bar again.

Hope you’re all set to fight the motivation challenges the next time you encounter them. Let’s see you with another blog next week. Till then work hard and party harder! Adios Amigos!!

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