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6 Mix of Co-workers You Counter Everyday

Majority of the time that we are awake is spent at our workplaces. Apart from gazing at the blank, checking out the clock, short coffee-smoke breaks and some work from time to time, we also spend a considerable amount of time interacting with our colleagues who are no less than the other. Today, we would be discussing about some of the typical co-workers we deal with everyday at any workplace across the world.

Brace yourself to find the kind you are among these and identify a few from your workplace circle too.

1. The Workaholic– They are usually the first to arrive and the last to leave office. This rare breed workforce are the saviours at work. All work and no play is there theme of life.

2.The Stargazer– These lost in thoughts are found one in every corner at office. You’ll find them gazing blank at the ceiling or at times at the computer screen without even blinking the eyes for ages. They would probably not even realize if a fire breaks out unless you stir them really well to bring them back to the worldly affairs. But mind you, these sort most of times come up with some of the most innovative ideas.

3.The Chatterbox– They are always found chatting and gossiping around the office. The most popular ones and at times infamous for their talkative behaviour.

4.The Music Box– They are often or always found humming or drumming at office. While they can amuse you during a boring day at work, they are equally efficient in giving you a headache with their constant musical and instrumental jamming sessions mid-work-hours.

5.The Hungry Belly– There’s always this foodie colleague, who knows all the great places to eat at and all the foods under the world. They are often seeing munching something or the other. They are hoarders of snacks and munchies and can be your recourse when you are hungry at work.

6.The Hypochondriac– Every office has at least one of this kind. Always on high alerts about cold-flu-allergies-virals and what not, and ever ready with pills and preventives in their handbags. So, don’t you dare sneeze or cough anywhere near them or be ready to be put in quarantine. And guess what’s their favourite topic of discussion- Yes! Health Issues!!

Now that you have read all, tell us which category you fit in. Have some fun listing the categories your colleagues fall in too.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the read. Will be back soon with another interesting read you. Until then, Cheerio!

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