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Going digital with Digital Employees

We live in an era where digital is no longer the fancy water cooler discussion topic any more. It has become a part and parcel of our lives and the way we do work. It has become us!

The younger generation entering the workforce is all geeked up, they grew up with iPads and smart phones as their nannies, Kindles as the library and Xbox as their playground. They seem to have been born with technology in their DNA. We call them the ‘Digital Employees’. It is also true that the demographics of digital employees are no longer restricted to the Gen-Y and Millennials, even the experienced baby-boomers have now adapted to the digital world. So, to sum it up we live and work in a world that values technology and digitization. But, today we are going to talk about those tech geeks who are made of coding and hashtags, the digital employees.

The evolution and emergence of a whole new genre of workforce has led to several changes in the organizational structure, culture and behaviour. Mentioned below are some of the changes that need due attention to thrive in the changing and challenging world of digital employees:

  • Workplace satisfaction as a key driver– With technology forming the core of every business and work process, there’s been a rapid change in the employee behaviour and workplace culture. The digital employees demand the same quality experience at an organization that its customers would. They believe in result driven processes and value work satisfaction to the supreme. It has thus become essential for organizations to foster a more engaged, energized and productive workplace culture to tend to the needs and demands of the next-gen workforce.
  • The communication shift– The overall shift in workplace behaviour and culture has also brought about changes in the way employee communication takes place at organizations. It is no longer a hierarchical one-way communication where the bosses order and the juniors comply. The approach has shifted to a two-way communication approach where everyone’s voice and opinion in given due importance. The digital generation demands a substantial indulgence in strategic planning and decision-making activities. Social media and chatbots are their favourites. Many organizations are using the social media tools to improve employee communication and engagement.
  • Work flexibility– The new age digital employees do not believe in the 9-5 work-time philosophy. They believe in an elastic work culture where time and locations are not bound. Rather, the anytime-anywhere access to work concept is more acceptable and welcome to them.
  • All work and some play– The new generation entering the workforce has a different approach to working. They appreciate workplaces with modes of relaxation like gaming consoles, activities room, gymnasium, etc. The digital employees prefer workplaces which do not have the monotonous all-work-and-no-play culture. Studies have reflected that such working atmosphere have shown to increase productivity at work among the younger workforce.

Companies are using analytics and behavioural studies to understand the workforce of future better. Employee engagement and employee experience is gaining high grounds in HR teams at organizations. Communication has become more personalized and teams are becoming open to recommendations. The world is heading towards a young and energetic workforce, leading organizations to great heights. So, brace yourselves to embrace the workforce of future!

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