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The Notification Generation

After millennials come Generation Z, born between 1996 and 2010. As the next wave of workers enter the workforce, employers and executives must understand that the needs and wants of gen Zers are significantly different from those of millennials and generations before. Generation Z’s world revolves around technology for as long as they can remember. No other demographic group uses technology as much as them, from applying for jobs and crowdsourcing to funding projects, all gen Zers need Wi-Fi, smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Social media, home of the gen Zers is the best way to communicate with and reach generation Z. Snapchat is their Facebook, unpolished, creative and very visual. Advertising job opportunities with a 10 second snap can attract a lot of attention and result in a great deal of job applications if done effectively. Gen Z moves at a very fast pace making snapchat advertising perfect for that demographic.

Generation Z was brought up during the recession, so to them stability is a necessity. While money and job security take priority in what they look for in a job, they are attracted to businesses that promote self-development as well. Companies that have a strong emphasis on their corporate social responsibility (CSR) are likely to be most attractive to generation Z.

Having access to numerous social media platforms gives gen Zers the ability to not only voice their opinions but it also exposes them to everything that is going on in the world, from snapchat stories to twitter news updates there is nothing they don’t have access to or know about giving them a well-developed social conscience. As this new demographic of employees enter the workforce, businesses will not only see a rise in diversity but will also see a bigger push towards equality. Businesses need to understand that equality and multiculturalism are a part of who gen Zers are.

The Notification Generation is a pool of creative thinkers with a very strong work ethic that have great entrepreneurial instincts. They need a business that will help them grow their entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. Their creativity and ability to think with a very open mind creates an innovative environment and gives way to change and possibilities. This generation consumes more technology than any other which can work as a great advantage to a business. They are the ones who are going to know what the latest apps and tools are that a business can use to streamline processes and increase efficiency. Their extensive knowledge on social media can help businesses develop marketing techniques that would help a business reach their target demographic.

Considering how tech crazy gen Z is, it still doesn’t replace in person communication with their bosses. Gen Z prefers to receive instructions and tasks from their bosses in person rather than by email. As a practical generation they see in person communication as a more effective way to collaboratively work and create. Because of constant real time updates on social media, gen Z wants to receive feedback on a regular basis, waiting for annual performance reviews would not be effective for them.

For this generation businesses are likely to be required to provide its gen Z employees with more structure and direction. Unlike millennials gen Z can get disoriented by too much freedom and too many options. However, they have a better appreciation for form and direction in contrast with millennials and want to make sure that they are executing what their employer wants.

This generation, unlike the millennials spend more time glued to their phones rather than socialising and building strong support systems. Initial research has shown that gen Z is more likely to have mental health issues making them more inclined to work for businesses that provide them with mental health support services.

For businesses to keep up and appeal to this upcoming workforce they will have to implement change to accommodate the way this new generation works.

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Azarah Singh is currently an intern at EdGE Networks and will be going on to study business management and entrepreneurship. 

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    Very informative and well written!! Thank you.

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    I completely agree with your assessment of Gen Z, their capabilities and their expectations.
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    Simple, easy to comprehend and effective writing. The clean language and narrative is quite gripping and very informative.

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    You being a Generation Z and having the awareness of what needs to be steered towards reaching efficiency is a great start.

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