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Why emerging technologies will pave the way for world’s future

My team and I had the good fortune of attending one of the most amazing events of this year, the World Congress of IT & NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2018 in Hyderabad. The last three days (Feb 19-21) were absolutely amazing and assuring for us as a team.

Amazing, because we got the chance to be among the greatest minds of the tech industry and witnessed disrupting innovations stemming from technology. Assuring, because the discussions made us realise that as an organization we are in the right space at the right time.

This event (NILF 2018) garnered much attention when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced NASSCOM’s Skills Platform that will, in its first leg equip 20 lakh youth with a variety of job-oriented skills. The first skill development would be in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) followed by skill development in technologies such as virtual reality, robotic process automation, Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, 3D printing, cloud computing, social and mobile.

Another aspect that floored the attendees in this 3-day tech bonanza was the interactive session with the world’s first humanoid citizen–Sophia Robot. Sophia is a classic example of what humans can explore with technology and take our existence to a whole new level. What it also assures us is that man and machine will co-exist and even Sophia is of the same view!

It is evident that technologies like AI, automation, IoT, Robotics will be the key drivers of the 4th industrial revolution. They are not only disrupting businesses and work places but also will significantly impact our way of life. For businesses it means adopting and embracing the tech-advancements faster in order to be relevant in their areas of expertise. This also means placing huge emphasis on talent up-skilling and reskilling and training them in the required skills.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi rightly urged the stalwarts of IT industry to reflect on the changing nature of jobs in the age of intelligent automation and accordingly create skilled citizens and workplace of the future. An exciting future awaits us!

About the author:
Arjun Pratap is an entrepreneur, the founder and CEO of HR Tech start-up, EdGE Networks. EdGE offers nextgen solutions for talent acquisition and workforce management by harnessing artificial intelligence and data science.


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