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Thank Heavens! Your Boss isn’t a Dilbert!

We’ve all encountered many ‘Bosses & their Bossy issues’ at the workplace. So how about we take a sneak-peek into the world of Dilbert – The Boss.

If you’re wondering what’s special…well, we’ll take you straight to Dilbert’s office to get a direct glimpse into Dilbert’s bossiness. You’ll totally get it and love it, we promise! 😊

Dilbert- The Dictator

When you joined the company you probably had dreams of creatively driving your career and role. At least, that’s what the company said it has in store for you. But brace yourself for the truth…

Your boss Dilbert decides and controls EVERYTHING, including your creativity at work! Well, well, well!  Told ya’! That’s how our Dilbert is. He likes things done in Dilbert style!

When it comes to addressing harassment at Workplace

Sexual harassment sadly is not something new at workplace, but something that must be dealt with strictly and fairness.

But our very own Dilbert has his very own ways of looking at problems and equally unique ways of addressing them. And I dare you to challenge him! ‘coz, Dilbert knows it ALL!

Time for an appraisal! Wait! What!

It’s that time of year when you are due for a raise. You go to your boss, Dilbert and try discussing the issue.

But Dilbert being Dilbert, knows all the ways and means to deprive you of every due you deserve!

Disheartened, aren’t you? Don’t yet be so. There’s MORE to follow!

The horrible boss!

You can’t have a life! Admit it! Hard for you? I know. But that can’t be helped, you have Dilbert the great as your boss after all. He is always there to suck the life out of your life!

Horrifying, isn’t it! But, take a chill-pill. You have a better boss for sure, who’s NOT Dilbert! So, keep calm and be happy at work.

See you soon. Until then, ENJOY YOUR WORK!!

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