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6 Seinfeld Moments that Sum up a Recruiter’s Life

If you hire for teams, clients or your company, we know it isn’t very often that you feel like this ☹

But never mind, even on the bleakest days, it’s good to remember you still have these epic Seinfeld characters and moments that speak straight to you – and give you something to chuckle about!

Take this fun ride with us and relive these classic golden moments!

When a client or hiring manager has a long laundry list of qualities she wants in one candidate!

When you come across a candidate who’s ahem rather unique and makes the most fantastic claims about his accomplishments.

The naysayer project manager who just refuses to believe you’ll get him the right candidate.

When you do a background check about candidate who comes highly recommended, but hear from your sources he’s actually a ‘lazy lilly’!

This one can sure get uncomfortable…when you interview a candidate who’s a ‘close talker’!

The soup Nazi’ who doesn’t like questions and appears scary – but is actually an expert…even a maestro!

(We couldn’t resist sharing these awesome lines with you!)

Jerry: You will be stunned.
Elaine: Stunned by soup?
Jerry: You can’t eat this soup standing up. Your knees buckle.

So you see, being a recruiter sure isn’t for the faint hearted. We think it takes a champion with lots of chutzpah to do what you do – and this epic dance is our salute to all the fabulous recruiters out there!

You’re a rockstar like Ellaine…dance on!

If you have any Seinfeld quotes or memes you want to share with us, or an experience you’ve had that resonates, please write us a comment below. We’ll be thrilled to hear from you!

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