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Don’t blame technology boom for job loss: IT biggies

GURUGRAM: Maintaining a positive outlook towards the advent of new technologies in the IT industry, National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) president R Chandrashekhar said automation should be looked on as an opportunity and not as a challenge.

Speaking at Nasscom’s annual technology conference held in Gurgaon on Friday, Chandrashekhar said, “We’ve real-life examples of how digitisation and automation pose an opportunity and not a challenge for enterprises in India. Artificial intelligence and analytics can transform every aspect of business, from algorithm economy to intelligent talent management.”

Multiple organisations participated in the event and brainstormed around the theme ‘prepare to disrupt’. Chandrashekhar has repeatedly rubbished the claims of Indian IT industry losing jobs to technology.

Over 25 speakers participated in the day-long summit, across sessions, including a chat on blockchain and a panel discussion of chief technology officers on using data and machine learning algorithms to unleash intelligence at scale. Executives from Samsung, Deloitte and Cognizant delivered case studies on how their companies and clients that have driven business transformation by employing artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics.

“While there has been a lot of apprehension about people losing jobs to technology, it is important to understand that organisations can either use technologies, such as artificial intelligence to their leverage by adopting them or else they will soon lose their business to newer technology models or inventions,” said Arjun Pratap, CEO, Edge Networks, one of the speakers at the event.

The other organisations present at event touched upon their endeavours with technology and how it has helped them in their businesses. Samsung representatives for instance highlighted their artificial intelligence and automation and Microsoft representatives on other hand spoke about the extremes of machine learning.


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