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Make yourself the most attractive candidate in the room

                               Be so good, they can’t ignore you – Steve Martin

In today’s day and age, it’s more important to have a pleasing personality than just a pleasing resume. It is imperative for us to know our strengths and weaknesses so that we know how well we can fit into different work environments. We can land a job best suited for us if we intelligently and meaningfully connect with our potential employers.

Also with the advances in technology, recruitment processes are evolving every day. Employers are looking at candidates’ social media presence to get a 360 degree view. They are not just focusing on a candidate’s skills but also assessing if he/she would be a good cultural fit.

As far as resumes are concerned recruiters spend only a few seconds reading each so it needs to be succinct and interesting to catch their attention.  In short, to fit the bill you need to have the ‘wow’ factor in your resume.

Here are six easy ways to shorten your resume and make your employer go ‘wow’.

 List your achievements, not responsibilities

List all your important accomplishments, not responsibilities. Think about it – accomplishment statements are the best way to showcase the amazing things you’ve done at your past jobs, plus show prospective employers what you can do for them. Your list of weekly or yearly assignments? Not so much.

Effective communication

Your communications skills will be one of the first things to be judged. So make sure you sound right, from the get go. Use bullet points to help the recruiter and begin your resume with a brief but clear objective statement.

Be a team player


This quality is a real must, as eventually every prospective employee would be required to work in a team or manage one. Let your future recruiter know how good a team member you are by offering references of colleagues or bosses in resumes or in conversation if you feel they (recruiters) are in doubt.

Exhibit your skills

While the HR world will mostly be in a fix to choose between generalists and specialists, showing of your expertise will always help them in deciding what they want. Do not refrain from highlighting your good work to stand out and show what unique qualities you bring to the table. It could be showcasing your last project that you successfully completed or building something of your own, skills always attract recruiters.

Self-driven and hands on

Interviewers have an eye for self-starters. They will sniff out if you are proactive and self-motivated from your first telephonic conversation. Enthusiastic and self-driven people are an asset to any organization. They are most sought after because of their ability to enthuse others in the same way.

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    Very well articulated, in a very simple way. I’m sure it will benefit a lot of job seekers.

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