EdgeNetworksExpert Speak Edge Networks in the 4th Class of Google Launchpad Accelerator Program, July 2017

Edge Networks in the 4th Class of Google Launchpad Accelerator Program, July 2017

It’s been the most incredible 2 weeks interacting with Google engineers, mentors and visionaries in the heart of Silicon Valley! Here I share with you some of my general observations about the Google Launchpad Accelerator program that I’ve just returned from.

It’s an intensive program that included workshops on Google tools and platforms to help startups grow their businesses, along with one-on-one mentoring from Google engineers, product managers, and other experts from leading tech companies and venture capitalists in Silicon Valley.

What impressed me most was that mentors don’t just give very high-level, generic advice; they are well-known experts who provided us with specific and targeted feedback that can have real impact on the challenges and issues we face. And some of this very valuable advice you can actually implement in your business the next day!

This prestigious accelerator program is brilliant for startups like us for many reasons; not the least of which is the support from Google that extends well beyond the stipulated six-month period. The Google tools made available to us offer countless opportunities and I am more confident today about scaling our business in India and around the world. We are already looking forward to the ongoing mentorship that will follow, as well as the series of regional events to participate in…all leading up to our graduation!

It’s a boot-camp for sure but we soaked up every moment of the classroom sessions, discussions, open houses, assignments. And the hardcore partying too!

It’s been the most invaluable experience to collaborate with Google engineers/product managers and regional VCs. And I believe the learning and connections we have returned with will go a long way in shaping the future of our business and the impact we hope to create.

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Arjun Pratap is  the founder and CEO of HR Tech start-up, EdGE Networks. EdGE provides nextgen solutions for talent acquisition and workforce management by harnessing artificial intelligence and data science.

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