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Of course, Sheldon knows why you didn’t land the job!

Job hunting can be tough, we know the pain of sending resumes, waiting for weeks and not getting a response. You thought you were tailor made for the job, but something still went wrong…

What if we tell you that there’s a fair chance that your resume didn’t even make it to human hands or eyes? What if an automated system just scanned it and sent it straight to the virtual shredder? It’s sad, but very possible.

The process of recruitment is evolving as HR Technology continues to innovate. Most recruiters now rely on different tools that perform tasks like filtering resumes by scanning it for keywords and key phrases. Some of these smart tools can also go on to mathematically score the resumes and send them for human review. Voila! Human effort is down by 50%.

But while you sit and sob about your lack of employability, the poor system goes through a lot. So much so, if it were to be a person, it would definitely take Sheldon’s genius, fierceness and honesty to be on top of the game. With some craziness thrown in too!

So, let Sheldon tell you why you didn’t get a call back with some of his most iconic quotes. Caution: He doesn’t like to mince his words!

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Although they are getting better at it, HR tools aren’t that great at reading PDFs. So, if you send across your resume as a PDF, chances are that the system won’t recognize you. Try and send your resume in rich text or word format to be easily recognizable.

Quick tip: Delete any extra logos, symbols or pictures. Use a simple font like Arial or Times New Roman- Technology requires simplicity.

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People should have chips implanted in their skull that should explode when they say something stupid.

Uh oh! At least that’s what it will say if your resume doesn’t highlight the right keywords for the system to track. Include words and phrases mentioned in the job description (JD) in your resume to make sure you match. While using acronyms, also make sure that you use the spelled-out form. For example- Use Chartered Accountant as well as CA.

Quick tip: Don’t go overboard by stuffing your CV with keywords. HR Tech tools are smarter than you’d ever imagine and can easily detect keyword stuffing.

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Not knowing is part of the fun

Well, we don’t really know if not knowing this was fun but a boring boiler plate is definitely a waste of space. It won’t impress the interviewer and it is definitely of no use to the keyword scanning system. Try and ditch the career objective section and include 5-6 points bullet about your core skills. This will not only help the system score you better, but also provide a quick overview about your skills to the recruiter.

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Minor errors matter too

Correctly spelled words aren’t too much to ask for, right? Spelling mistakes could mean the death of your resume. In simple words, the automated system wouldn’t catch incorrectly spelt words and wouldn’t understand what your resume wants to say. Run a quick spell check on your document to make sure there are no typos.

Keeping these simple things in mind will help you get past the technology barrier but that does not mean you’ll get the job. Recruiting is a complex procedure and recruiters pay attention to even the most minute details. Here’s how you can make your resume even more appealing.

Quantify your impact

Numbers attract attention. It’s an easy way to stand out. Here are some examples:


Weak: Managed an international concert

Strong: Managed $50,000 international concert with a footfall of 5000 people

Don’t be shy to mention the big brands. It will immediately catch the recruiter’s attention


Weak: Designed a mentorship program for 6 students

Strong: Designed a mentorship program for 6 students from Yale and Harvard.

Make your interests as quirky as possible


Weak: movies, music, travelling

Strong: Tarantino movies, EDM music, trekking in the Himalayas

We really hope this piece helped you find some answers because..

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Just kidding, leave your thoughts or questions if any, in the comments below. We’d love to talk to you!

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