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Some tactical advice to help you hire right!

Is hiring an art, or a science? Is it luck, or planets aligning for that perfect match to take place? Well, we say it’s a skill.

In fact, it’s that one invaluable skill which serves you well right through your career.

The faster you figure out if somebody fits into your team and the quicker you can evaluate the skills of a candidate, the better it is for you and your company. The better you are at convincing people to join your team and in selling your vision, the better they eventually work for you.

Obviously, this is even more critical if it’s a startup – where every hire is an important contributor to your success.

And that’s why we put together these easy tips to keep in mind that’ll help you hire right and build that winning team for your company.

Your investors are studying your team

Sure, you have a fabulous idea and the future looks yours to conquer. But the truth is, most ideas undergo dramatic change and companies course correct and reinvent themselves many times.

Remember Slack was originally founded to build a game, and Twitter was a side-product of a podcast platform!

The common factors across these stories is the strong team each company had. The folks in these startups were great at taking feedback, adapting, changing and finally building a very successful product/ platform.

Investors know this. So while they examine your product and potential – it’s your team they will bet on and invest in.

Great teams draw great candidates

One of the most important considerations about working in a startup is the team you get to work with. So for a talented job seeker checking out your company, a team of brilliant and gifted colleagues might be the reason for their joining.

The tough part obviously is hiring your first employee/ team. So put in that extra effort and care to bring in your co-founders or core team.

After that, it becomes a win-win because with every great person that joins your team, the team gets better, and it will also get easier to attract the next great person.

Hiring for a culture fit

The one thing to keep in mind at the end of the day is that everything good or bad is a result of the people in your team. Empowering your team and getting out of the way is key, but it’s only possible if you hire the right people.

Nothing is more dangerous for an early-stage startup than one bad hire, one person who isn’t a culture fit to derail your journey. The importance of culture must impact your hiring – as every single person you bring on in the early days changes your culture, in a good or bad way. Figuring out if somebody is a culture fit or if somebody is the right person for your team is crucial.

Research shows that people who fit well into their companies express greater job satisfaction, perform better and are more likely to remain with the same organization for a longer period of time.

In fact, a survey international employers found that more than 80 percent of managers named cultural fit as a top priority when hiring new staff. For a startup, bad hiring is one of the most risky and costly mistakes you can make.

So whether you are using traditional methods for your hiring or HR technology, remember to keep these tactical advice and easy tips in mind. When it boils down to it, without the best support system in place, your business’s reputation and future success can easily fall by the wayside. Whether you’re looking to hire a whole new team or need to hire a few people for vacant positions within your organization, remember to take your time in choosing candidates that encompass everything your business will need to succeed.

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