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Design Thinking: How Design can shape your Hiring Process

The world of business has never been so complicated as it is today. Intense competition, content explosion, personalization, proliferation of products and services, data (and a big one at that) are some elements of this complicated network.

This makes ‘Simplification’ the order of the day.  To survive and thrive, organizations need to innovate to simplify.  – there has been tremendous focus on technology and process in this context. Now it is time to focus on innovating on the ‘People’ aspect of the operating model.

With an acute shortage of skills facing most sectors, the area of recruitment definitely needs creative re-imagination; to develop recruitment models that connect with Talent. Design Thinking, a user-centered interdisciplinary method for innovation, can help enable such a model. Simply put, Design Thinking is about: How do you keep the person you’re serving at the center of everything you do?

What it takes to embrace Design Thinking is a change in mindset to be a solution provider, to focus on the experience rather than the process. For this, one of the first things recruiters must do is to reimagine the process, talk to those who are part of the process, find out what their experience was, listen and observe with an open mind – what you will get to understand is the real need.

Then go onto develop a solution that is simple for the end-user – the potential employee and the hiring manager. The product will improve productivity, be enjoyable to use, fit into the overall corporate agenda, and support business growth. A product or solution such as this will require you to question traditions, manage change and discover improvements that can be made.

Recruitment could adopt the 5-point approach to design-thinking:

  1. Make the process user-centered with focus on hiring the right skill rather than the right qualification. Start with understanding the experience of the existing stakeholders and end with renovating the experience in such a way that it is a pleasurable one.
  2. Espouse a collaborative approach (as opposed to working in silos) to overall talent management with hiring as an integral part of the HR value chain.
  3. Redefine the JD creation process to incorporate Talent Personas – what is required to do a particular job well. Compliment this with an assessment that is robust with a combination of assessment methods.
  4. Measure and improve. Use analytics to understand the status quo, make necessary changes and measure again to understand the true value of the change.
  5. Take an outside-in view by mirroring the CRM program to talent management. Build relationships with existing employees and develop relationships with potential employees to create a sustainable talent supply.

Design thinking is a scientific, disciplined method of problem-solving – finding the method in the madness.

It provides an opportunity for HR to reshape how it works with the organization and to redesign its own processes to ensure positive employee interactions and more engaged employees. It helps HR design overall experiences that engage employees at all stages, from candidates through alumni.

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    This is a very interesting article. Great idea to incorporate design thinking principles for solving problems in HR recruiting space

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