EdgeNetworksMedia & Events HR-Tech Startup EdGE Networks Listed in Gartner Hype Cycle for Human Capital Management Software 2016

HR-Tech Startup EdGE Networks Listed in Gartner Hype Cycle for Human Capital Management Software 2016

Bangalore-based EdGE Networks, an HR Tech startup offering next-gen workforce planning solutions, today announced that it has been listed as a Sample Vendor for Machine Learning HCM in Gartner’s latest report on Hype Cycle for Human Capital Management Software, 2016.

Gartner’s current report is aimed to help “buyers understand the maturity and capabilities of technologies in the human capital management (HCM) marketplace, including talent management, workforce management (WFM), HR service delivery and administrative human resources (HR).”

The report states that “Talent science,” renamed “machine learning in HCM” to reflect the growing use of machine learning capabilities within HCM applications and stand-alone apps, continues to have the potential not only to transform HCM practices but to fundamentally alter how organizations operate.” Gartner adds “Vendors are emerging with solutions but time is still needed to prove their impact. HR organizations need to start by piloting solutions.”

Arjun Pratap, founder and CEO of EdGE Networks said, “HCM Solutions are redefining employee-workplace dynamics significantly. Our objective is to help organizations facilitate workplace transformations, aided by our technology. We believe our inclusion in the Hype Cycle for HCM Software, 2016 report by Gartner is a testimony that we are headed in the right direction.”

In the report Gartner states that by 2020, its “expects SaaS to be contributing over $7.3 billion or 51% of the global HCM market spend compared to $3.7 billion or 34% to the market in 2016.”

About EdGE Networks

EdGE Networks Pvt. Ltd. is an innovative HR technology solutions provider focused on helping organizations meet their talent-related challenges. With our expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Semantic Analysis, Data Science, Machine Learning and Predictive Modelling, we enable HR organizations to lead with data and intelligence. Our solutions significantly improve workforce availability, billing, allocation and drive straight bottom line impacts.



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