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The Big Reveal | HR

HR is often the organization’s favourite punching bag when it comes to providing hard numbers. Honestly, it would be a big mistake to reduce HR’s role to just gathering and analysing data.

However, we do need to find a way to make our intuitive decisions more data-based – and our data-based decisions more intuitive.

Buzz around HR Analytics

There’s a lot of hope and expectation from HR Analytics today. We all know by now that analytics can help HR drive change, boost workforce engagement and enable strategic decision making. In fact, HR functions have been talking about all this for some time now but appear to be stuck in neutral.

Functions such as Marketing and Finance have evolved and understood how to leverage data well. HR too needs to look outwards at how it can use people data and analytics to help the business grow and solve problems.

Mixing it up

The modern HR organization today is in need of people who can understand the business, who get HR and can do data. But the sad truth is that many HR teams do not currently possess all the skills required to meet this challenge.

HR must change the mix of its function as well as its priorities. This might involve looking beyond traditional talent pools when staffing the HR team. While hiring for HR business partners, consider ex-consultants, people who can present business cases cross-functionally and with a lot of data.

Another activity on HR’s to-do list must be upskilling in people analytics skills. With training in data skills and numeracy, the HR function will be in a stronger position to incorporate people data insights into various facets of organizational decision-making.

Traditional HR Insights

Let’s not forget here that balance is key. The most effective uses of people analytics are those that balance the ability to derive insights from the people management data that are unique to HR.

According to experts, one of the biggest challenges in HR analytics is reporting. HR analytics reporting must be integrated into the business strategy: it needs to have a good narrative, and to be targeted and transparent.

HR has many strengths and one of them is good storytelling. HR just needs to apply these storytelling skills to data and make the magic happen across organizations!

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