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EdGE Networks, an HR tech startup with Data Science and AI based approach

If you know an HR professional, they’d probably have told you how hiring a good, reliable candidate can be a tough task. Today, there are firms working in the back-end trying to connect the best suited candidate for a specific job, and one such is EdGE Networks. This HR tech startup from Bengaluru uses next-gen technologies. Well Artificial Intelligence is the current buzz word, and Arjun Pratap, founder & CEO uses Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based approach to analyse job descriptions and profiles/resumes, and provide a scored and stack ranked set of people for the job in question.

Leaving his comfortable job to build something that he is passionate about, a future-focussed HR technology, Pratap tells us that, “we have built a neural network of skills and jobs that will learn and grow over time using our source-validate-connect algorithms run with Natural Language Processing (NLP).”

Pratap started EdGE Network with his own funds, and later teamed up with The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) who funded them with grant and debt. Currently, it makes money via a subscription based model and its clients list includes Wipro, TeamLease, HCL and Microland. EdGE Network is currently a team of 70 offering Product Management, UI/UX, EdGELabs, Devops, Sales and Marketing, Analytics and Testing as distinct contributors with finance and HR to boot.

Pratap who has earlier worked with SpeedERA Networks and Akamai Technologies, building their India and international businesses is the sole founder, but does not fall short of acknowledging the hard work put in by his Head of Operations Arun Kumar and CTO Priyadarshi Lahiri.

“Our people have expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Semantic Analysis, Data Science, Machine Learning and Predictive Modelling. All of which is geared to enable HR organisations lead with data and intelligence – and significantly improve workforce availability, billing, allocation and drive straight bottom line impacts,” he adds.

EdGE Networks is a niche HR technology provider with its intuitive talent acquisition product called HIREalchemy that enables accurate and simplified search, rank and recruitment of talent, he explains. Furthermore, the Workforce Optimization Solution forms the intelligence layer on top of HR systems and helps effective organization building while Talent Analytics Suite helps in predicting attrition, forecasting resource demand, enabling fact-based decision making across the HR value chain, among other things.

Edge Networks has been chosen by NSDC as an innovation partner to develop an eco-system of skilled manpower that provides trained candidates to employers, placement options to training partners and employment to candidates. For 2016, the startup is focussing at widening the reach via inside sales, strategic partners (integrators such as job boards, aggregators, video interviews, background verification companies) and channel sales. Also, plans exploring new geographies and markets. It plans to target 10 percent of the $5 billion addressable market over the next five years.


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