EdgeNetworksExpert Speak Embrace automation to move up the ladder!

Embrace automation to move up the ladder!

The automation conundrum

Automation of business processes is top priority for most business leaders but its adoption has been slower than expected. The key reason being the fear of human resource redundancy and the doing away of large teams. There is also the not-so-impressive delivery of bolt-on tools and ERPs from the past.

As awareness builds, process automation is set to change the landscape. These software algorithms are designed with Artificial Intelligence (AI), deep and machine learning capabilities to learn and emulate human behavior. Their intelligence is limited to undertake mundane, routine processes that require minimal cognitive skills. This allows human resources to move up the ladder – take on more strategic roles requiring the ability make intelligent judgements.

HR’s strategic contributions

While this automated processes would certainly be better at tasks such as reading and information parsing, matching requirements, rules-based processing, data manipulation – tasks the clearly fall in the lower end of the value chain, our human counterparts would be elevated to more engaging and value-adding job roles that require cognitive decision making ability.

A win-win for all, process automation frees up human time for intelligent activities while improving efficiency, increasing accuracy and reducing cost of operational tasks. Think about it – they are willing to work 24*7, 7 days a week at near 100% accuracy, 50% cost without the fear of fatigue or exploitation only to improve the productivity of your human team. Sounds like a dream…that is about to become true!

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