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My Story: Intern to Colleague

I joined EdGE Networks three months ago. As my first company, I was both excited and nervous. After having gone through a technical task and an HR interview, I was all set for my internship with the EdGE Application Development team. I had been warned by all my friends that one is expected to show a certain level of maturity, and the always familiar thought of “work is always work” kept ringing through my ears. But what unfolded next was something I never expected!

Camaraderie in every cubicle

I was immediately greeted with warm smiles from everyone I met. I could see genuinely happy people, excited to meet me as I was being introduced to everyone by Bachal, the Lead HR. They didn’t need to invest that minute or two in getting to know me, but yet they made the effort to get to know who I was and where I was from. I was really touched.

As the days passed, I realized how none of the corporate stereotypes applied to our company. I never encountered any sense of elevated ego that comes with one’s position, no assumptions on the basis of your experience. I could walk into any function to present my suggestions up front and they would be willing to listen. In fact, Arjun, the CEO of our company, takes vital time off his schedule to walk around the office and interact with everyone regularly. The fact that he makes that effort even though he doesn’t need to, reflects the humility on which our company’s foundation is built.

There are many things that make our workplace so much more than just an office. For instance, Priyo, our CTO installed a PlayStation in the breakout area just so that employees could unwind. Or Dilshad, Head of Product Roadmap sent out a survey to everyone to capture suggestions about a product idea. On another high note, Keith, the Application Development Lead offered to teach me how to play the guitar!

Challenging Projects

From a technology standpoint, our company believes in being the best at what we do, so I had to up my game in the field of application development pretty rapidly. I have been introduced to technologies that I had only imagined learning some day. The learning phase is more of a fun way of trying out examples in a sandbox mode rather than being enforced work. The ‘openness’ is unparalleled to anything I have ever experienced.

The basic premise here is that if you have a new technology in mind, and you can present a solid use case of why we need it and how to go about it, it’ll be implemented. In fact, our entire company is open to learning. There are several occasions in which Arun, our Head of Operations takes the time out to understand what technologies we are using and how it’s benefitting us.

A circle of friends

It has been a wonderful journey so far. From being an intern to becoming a permanent employee and now being delegated features to be worked on, it has been such a pleasure.

And the reason for it is because EdGE Networks is not just a group of professionals, but a tightly knit family who believe in the same goal and are all out to achieve that. I have been thoroughly impressed with what I have seen in the last three months and can happily say that I too, am now a part of this family and looking forward to being here for a really long time!

Anwesh Mishra

Anwesh Mishra is a Software Engineer – Trainee in the Application Development Team at EdGE Networks. He is simultaneously pursuing his Masters in Computer Science from Christ University, Bengaluru.

He also holds a BCA degree from Symbiosis University, Pune. In his free time, he likes to dabble in photography, play football, and improve his trophies on PlayStation.

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